Professional Security Services & Business Valets & Cleaning are Scotland’s leading business to business supplier of on-site security services

At CR Security Services & Valets Ltd, we pride ourselves in offering a professional and reliable security service to keep your business safe and secure. Our highly trained team of security guards are on hand to protect your premises, assets and staff and will go that extra mile to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

We also have a team of very experienced professional valeting staff that come to your business premises to do secure valets of all vehicles depending on the size pricing varies.
We do all businesses and even construction sites as looks good if photographers come to sites and all vehicles are clean in the photos


Security Guarding


Cr Security Services & Valets Ltd provides a range of security services to both residential and commercial clients throught Scotland
Our security guards are highly trained and certified in order to protect your premises, assets and staff.

we provide:

­čö╣Access Control

­čö╣Burglar Alarms and Security Systems Call outs 24/7         while awaiting for police.

­čö╣CCTV Monitoring 24/7

­čö╣Door Security Supervisors

­čö╣Estate Security

­čö╣Event Security

­čö╣Funeral security

­čö╣Keyholding Service

­čö╣Mobile Security Patrols

­čö╣Office Security

­čö╣Retail Security

­čö╣Security Dog Patrols


­čö╣Construction site security 

­čö╣Demolition site security 

­čö╣Refurbishment site security 

­čö╣Holiday Parks security 

­čö╣Filming security 

Other Services we provide



­čö╣Front of house



­čö╣Event staff


Private Security drivers


Our team of experienced valets are available to ensure our customers' vehicles are looked after with care.

we provide for businesses also building sites 

We do company vehicles and fleet vehicles also construction vehicles.

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Mobile Patrol Surveillance and Undercover 

We offer professional and discreet, mobile patrol  surveillance also undercover to ensure the safety of your premises and staff. Our guards also are provided with Body cameras if necessary depending on the task.

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Cr Security Services & Valets Ltd is protecting clients with a range of security 24/7 services in Fife, Central Scotland and thought Scotland. Contact us today to discuss your residential or commercial security requirements or any of our other services we provide.

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